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Plurals, Apostrophes, and Numbers

Plurals & Apostrophes

Plurals are, like, really easy to make, dude. Mostly, you just add an "s" to the end of the word. Sometimes, it's "es," but mostly, it's just "s."

Some people think that they have to add apostrophes when pluralizing, especially when pluralizing names. This is not true. To make a name plural, just add that "s" or "Es" Like so:


Jims: How many Jims are there, anyway?


Sandburgs: Blair and Naomi are the only Sandburgs we know.


Bankses: Simon comes from a long line of Bankses.

The only time you need to use an apostrophe to make a plural is with numbers, and only in numerical form, not written out: 80's, 90's, 100's

You can use apostrophes, or not, with initials or acronyms: How many MA's does Sandburg have?

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Speaking of numbers, they should, for the most part, be written out in words.

Bad: 30, 6, 123

Good: thirty, six, one hundred twenty-three

Unless they are dates or addresses: Blair was born in 1969. He lives at 852 Prospect.

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