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Lord of the Rings

The Sentinel

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The Sentinel Fanzine

Premiered May, 2003

Winner of Huggy Award 2003, Best Sentinel Novel

Leap of Faith

by Legion

A The Sentinel slash zine

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Leap of Faith by Legion

An excerpt from Leap of Faith:

"You think you could promise me what I need and make it happen, no matter what I ask for?" he said skeptically.

"I could. I would, if you would give me a promise in return," Elder murmured. "What would you give, James? What price is your heart's desire worth?"

Meeting the empty black of Elder's eyes, Jim said solemnly, "Everything that's mine to give. For my heart's desire."

"Done!" Elder proclaimed, and it brushed a kiss over Jim's mouth.

"Everything that's yours to give in exchange for me giving you your heart's desire."

Not returning the kiss, Jim stared at the thing, letting distrust, fear, doubt and disbelief fill his expression. "Just like that, as if you could really make it happen."

"I can, I tell you." Elder ran a possessive hand over Jim's arm. "I swear it, and I am more bound by an oath than you could possibly understand."

Looking away from the compelling gaze, Jim stared out at the city, wishing he could see Blair, wishing he could touch him one more time. Then he said carefully, "Then I swear that I give you everything that is mine to give; in return no evil, nor anything or any person touched by evil, can harm my beloved, Blair Sandburg, for the rest of his natural life."