Stories by Rakshi

Char ar’ l’ear

Sam walked to where the Starflower grew and knelt beside it. "Well, now I've heard all there is to hear and back again," he muttered, staring down at the beautiful white blossoms. "When the flowers start in scolding me, I've truly taken leave of my senses."

To the Distant Shore

Sad he was, and no mistake, Sam thought. And yet beautiful, even with the sadness. His face glowin’ with light again, after years when the light inside him barely seemed to flicker. Sam wiped his eyes and pondered, again, the moment that had been the nadir of his life. I’d not have kept him, Sam thought. Even knowin’ how I’d miss him. Even knowin’ how long the years would be. I’d not have kept him here to suffer.

But now I go to him as an old man. Not rusty, by no means. No, not Sam Gamgee! Sam sighed. But...not young, neither. Sam tapped his pipe against his hand, letting the ashes scatter into the sea below him. Will he remember me? Will he know his Sam after all this time?