Story by Adrienne

The Sun on the Water

There you go, Frodo-lad, off on your adventure. It's been many a decade since my own now, and somehow I doubt I shall ever take to the road with dwarves again, as greatly as I may desire it. Aye, lad, there's a thing or two you don't know, and it's naught to do with dragons, nor with young Samwise's beloved elves...

Master Hamfast would be proud, indeed, to know his sight's set on you. And firmly, at that, Frodo-lad, but I don't doubt that you'd hoped me blinder than I am deaf. What Ham might have to say to that, well, that's anyone's guess. I'll leave it to his gossips down at The Ivy Bush. As for me, one guess is certain: he's missing his Sam, my boy, as dearly as I've missed you. No sooner have I got you again, than you're off chasing a bit of mischief that's more mine by right.

Drogo-lad, I'm so very sorry. It's gone and taken the last of you. And with it, the last of me.